YouthSportsBurnOut - brianakay

The Evolution of Youth Sports Burn Out

This documentary short addresses the troubling trend of burn out in young athletes. By examining the evolution of the youth sports culture from its beginning in 1903 we can see how parents have in many ways improved the children's games. However, when a parent’s involvement unknowingly becomes negative the impact can cause great damage. By understanding the driving force behind these parent’s actions and making changes as a community, we can hopefully improve the youth sports playing environment for future generations, before it’s too late.

Total running time: 13 minutes

Screened at The Big MINI Media Festival - Brooklyn, New York 2016

Director, Editor - Briana Kay 

Assistant Editor - Eric Mittan

Narration - Eric Raines

Sound Design - Briana Kay

Location Sound - Luke Stodden

Mentors: Dr. Angela Aguayo, Darren Kinnard, Phil Greer

Funding provided by Center For Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities REACH Grant 2015-2016

Attributed Research:

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