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The Evolution of Youth Sports Burn Out (2016)

This documentary short addresses the troubling trend of burn out in young athletes. By examining the evolution of the youth sports culture from its beginning in 1903 we can see how parents have in many ways improved the children's games. However, when a parent’s involvement unknowingly becomes negative their impact can cause great damage. By understanding the driving force behind these parent’s actions and making changes as a community, we can hopefully improve the youth sports playing environment for future generations, before it’s too late.

Total running time: 13 minutes

Screened at The Big MINI Media Festival - Brooklyn, New York 2016

Coffee & Tea Festival NYC (2016)

These montages capture the sights and sounds of the two day Coffee and Tea Festival in New York at the Brooklyn Expo Center. Featuring over 60 vendors, festival attendees sampled coffee, tea, and other products while learning better brewing techniques and coffee history.

Scientific Literacy  - Film Essay (2015)

This essay film addresses the current health and environmental issues caused by a lack of scientific understanding by society. Adapted from interviews from leading scientists, engineers, politicians, and celebrity spokes persons, we get to hear a conversational warning about the fate of our nation if we do not practice skepticism and critical thinking in our daily lives.

Screened at Little Muddy Film Festival - Carbondale, Illinois 2015

Arnold's Market - Documentary (2014)

This short documentary of Arnold's Market tells the story of the small town grocery store in Carbondale, Illinois. Learn the history and the obstacles it has overcome to remain in business while competing with larger big chain stores. This market is loved by the community as seen through the eyes of one of its loyal shoppers.

Screened at Little Muddy Film Festival - Carbondale, Illinois 2014

A moment with: Deadwater - Documentary Short (2014)

After an extended hiatus, Deadwater gets back together for a one night only appearance. Experience a climatic moment of being on stage with the Southern Illinois most loved heavy metal group as they perform for a crowd of their adoring fans. Filmed at the Red Zone Sports Bar in Marion, Illinois.

Transition - Experimental Short (2014)

Transition is an experimental short that uses contrast and juxtaposition of chaos versus tranquil  visuals and sound design of internal versus external recordings. The film is meant to put the viewer in a reflective mood as the opening sequence shocks the senses and the later portion of the film lulls you to a meditative state.

Screened at Little Muddy Film Festival - Carbondale, Illinois 2014

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