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It's Christmas - Briana Kay (2011)

This album features original songs by Producer Ray Miner and other holiday classics performed by Briana Kay. Engineered by Mark Rubel of Pogo Studio in Champaign, Illinois. To learn more about the making of the album or to hear some of the tracks click here.

Available on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby!

Mom's Journal by Briana Kay (2015)

This highly personal audio piece was adapted from the emails and journal entries of my mother while she was battling breast cancer. Witness how her unwavering faith provided guidance through her darkest moments and discover her source of strength during the sweeping uncertainty of dealing with the illness. 

Presented at SIU McLeod Theater in Carbondale, Illinois at "The Listening" May 5, 2015.

In The Woods (2015)

This soundscape captures the sense of hiding in the woods at night. Set in a rural wooded area near a pond you hear frogs and bugs sing to each other as a mysterious set of footprints approaches you. Experience the sounds of nature and be transported to a space that is    tranquil until it is disturbed by an unwelcome guest. Recorded in Makanda, Illinois Spring of 2015.

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